Project Description

Retro Systems


Retro Systems is an OEM of industrial CNC cutting machinery.

Prior to Emblem Design, Brad Riemann developed and executed the marketing strategy that positioned Retro Systems to become an industry leader of industrial plasma cutting machines.

Strategic Marketing

At Retro Systems, Brad developed a domestic marketing plan that increased Retro Systems annual sales while decreasing the annual marketing budget by strategically planning the company’s marketing targets. The company abandoned and minimized traditional advertising methods, such as print, and focused more on the company’s digital footprint. The result was a far better return on investment for the company’s marketing and advertising.

Brad was responsible for developing and standardizing the company’s brand. He developed new graphics and branding that significantly improved the brand. He then implemented the new branding into everything from brochures to products to the architecture.

Branded Interiors

Brad designed the branded renovation of the new Retro Systems sales office. Artistic graphics and images of Retro Systems’ products and manufacturing processes compliment purple and white aesthetics to customize the space. The renovation creates an extraordinary first impression for future clients when they visit.