Project Description

Lark Architecture


Lark Architecture is a Chicago-based architectural practice who prides themselves on their beautiful innovative designs.

Before Lark was established, Emblem provided a competitive analysis and market research for the future architecture company. Upon the conclusion of the analysis, Emblem generated the name Lark Architecture and the branding. Emblem continues to work with Lark Architecture managing the company’s marketing needs.



The meadow lark is the state bird of Kansas and Nebraska, the homes of the two founders. Furthermore, a lark is a journey, and architects often times refer to the architectural process as a journey.

Architecture Consultant


The logo of Lark Architecture is a minimal L with a meadowlark standing on the serif of the bottom part of the L. The logo includes a square outline which portrays the company to be stable.

The Lark Architecture logo is simple yet elegant which is a perfect representation of the firm’s design aesthetic.

Solutions for Lark

Market Research

Web Design


Web Design

Marketing Management

Graphic Design