Project Description

Arcus Processing is a subsidiary material processing company of Retro Systems.

While at Retro Systems, Brad Riemann developed the name, logo, and all around branding for Arcus Processing. He then incorporated the brand into the design of the architecture, the interiors, and the online presence of the company.


A name was wanted that represented power and had a local meaning. Arcus is a type of storm cloud regularly found in Kansas, where the company is located. In addition to being unique, simple, local, and having to do with power, an arc is regular word you hear in their industry. The arc is what does the cutting in the plasma cutting process, the company’s most popular process of cutting metal. The US also portrayed the United States,  another important aspect to the company’s brand. Together, all these meanings made the name Arcus an obvious choice.

industrial mmanuacturing emblem logo


A simple straigtforword logo was wanted. Emphasis was placed on the “arc” and “us” due to their emphasis on the marketing differentiation.

The colors blue was selected for a couple reasons.

1) Blue is synonymous with stability and trustworthiness. This is something the company is all about.

2) The blues reinforces the Arcus storm cloud reference for the company to be synonymous with power.

3) Blue and gray is fairly representational of the other popular cutting process at Arcus, waterjet cutting on aluminum.

manufacturing industrial emblem logo